“(Jessica’s) ability to mediate a case and help the parties reach a resolution is unparalleled.”

– Clark

Jessica and her team were friendly and very easy to work with. I truly felt she had my best interest at heart.

– Anonymous

(Jillian) was a pleasure to deal with (during an overall unpleasant experience!) and had a lot of suggestions based on her experience that were extremely helpful and prevented issues from arising later.

– Jennifer

When the other side seemed to be playing unfair and were dragging their feet, Jessica continued to take the high road and stayed professional and calm and was reassuring despite my frustrations.

– Josh

Samantha did wonderful work representing me in what turned out to be a case with many atypical pieces. She is intelligent, reasonable, and understanding… I would recommend her to my dearest friends!

– Anonymous

Jessica displayed every important legal and interpersonal skill one could ask for. Her understanding of the law, and great sense of timing and strategy were terrific.

– Richard

“Jessica was so competent and thorough and comforting that I was able to simply trust her with everything—and get on with my life. To put it simply, she is the one who made it possible for me to restart my life.”

– Edye

Mrs. Markham has represented me in divorce/custody disputes since 2009. She has proven to be highly competent, flexible and accommodating. I continually get the impression that my case is important to her, despite her busy schedule. Her ability to remain agile and thorough sometimes at a moments notice is impressive.”

– Tara

Samantha spent quite a bit of time, at my request, explaining the law to me and coaching me with regard to options. She offered pros and cons for different approaches and worked with me to chart a path ahead at each juncture.

– Howard

(Jillian) scored best outcome for my case and she did excellent in negotiating on my behalf in a very pragmatic and chess master level of game plan.

– Mohammed