Congratulations to Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller has just been appointed as the Treasurer of the Montgomery County Women's Bar Association.  In this role, she will also serve on the Board of Directors.

The Women’s Bar Association of Maryland (WBA) is an organization of women and men committed to the full and equal participation of women in the legal profession and in a just society. The WBA believes that a strong community of women in the legal profession is essential to the administration of justice. The mission and goals of the WBA are to: 

  • Promote and assist women to obtain positions of influence and leadership within their workplace, the legal profession, the judiciary, and the community; 
  • Raise awareness of and fight biases against women within the community at large, the legal profession, and under the law; 
  • Promote and effect diversity, equality and justice under the law and within the legal system; 
  • Support women in the legal profession in their personal and professional lives; 
  • Provide opportunities for volunteerism and advocacy on issues affecting women; 
  • Collaborate with other individuals and organizations to improve the status of women; 
  • Celebrate the individual and collective achievements of women in the legal profession; and 
  • Promote full and equal participation of women in society by eliminating all forms of discrimination.