How to Make Your Divorce as Difficult as Possible

I read somewhere that readers appreciate "How To" lists.  Since I couldn't think of one that hasn't already been done to death, here is a reverse "How to" list:

If you'd like to make your divorce as negative as possible, be sure to:

1. Bad mouth your soon-to-be-ex to anyone who will listen to you.

2. Make life changing decisions. Don't consult a lawyer. Or consult one way after the fact.

3. Try to alienate your children from your spouse. Or simply explain everything that has happened to you, and ask them to side with you or to speak to your spouse on your behalf.

4. Post detailed play-by-plays on your social media accounts.

5. Use litigation to exact revenge. Be surprised when litigation doesn't make you feel any better. Prioritize "winning," "making a point" or "the principle of the thing," over your own self-interest.

Obviously, this is an over simplification of complicated issues. Everyone loves winning, and making a point. Right?  Divorce is complex and highly emotional.  But don't do ALL, or most of these, repeatedly, and expect a positive impact on your divorce.