I’ve decide to join the blogosphere (is that a word?) after years of urging by my husband.  Who is interested in what I have to say about divorce/family law and related topics?  I still haven’t answered that question and it’s possible the answer is “nobody.”  But I have a lot to say, so here it is.  On my blog.

The title of this blog derives from the concept that the divorce and family law landscape is always changing.  Today's divorce is different than a divorce fifteen years ago or even five.

When I started practicing, documents were produced to opposing counsel in discovery by delivering multiple bankers' boxes by messenger.  Not just by my firm, but all similarly situated firms with which I came into contact.  The paralegal had to know how to make official looking cover pages for each category of documents.  I tried to tell people there were better ways and I was met with some responses along the lines of "that's not how we do things around here."  

Soon after, we got our first industrial type scanner.  It ate stacks of paper and it was slow. We would have support staff or young associates scan and categorize documents.  A few years later, we started bates stamping (numbering) each document for better tracking.  Now, most of my clients have their documents in PDF already and upload them to me via file sharing websites.  Very few people, particularly those in their 30's and 40's, keep paper copies of anything anymore. Fortunately, some of our attorney processes have been streamlined in recent years, which is more economical for our clients.

Along those same lines, when I started out, I blew older attorney's minds by introducing into evidence a party's AOL instant messenger profile.  Do those even exist anymore?  I once got evidence of adultery from a GPS.   Years later I became interested in dating website profiles, blogs and of course Facebook.  Now I have my eye on websites with geotagging features, among other things.

The other day my husband tried to introduce me to a new and supposedly more efficient way of storing my computer files. My first response was "that's not how I do it" and I was resistant.  But I quickly reminded myself that we all need to change with the times.  Evolve or go extinct. 

I'm going to be blogging about innovations and news in the field of family law with an eye toward Millennials and what interests them. If that interests YOU, I hope you'll join me.