Things I like about practicing family law, in no particular order

Things I like about practicing family law, in no particular order...

1. Helping people envision a new future for themselves. People tend to start out disillusioned and unclear on the future. I like helping them figure out next steps. 

2. Getting to know interesting people. Most of my clients are extremely interesting and I love hearing about their work, families and what makes them tick. Getting to know each client is an important step in helping them identify and reach their goals. 

3. Working with professionals who are experts in their fields. I often work with mental health professionals (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists), accountants and financial advisors. They've receiving extensive training in areas where I've received minimal training by comparison. I love having some of their knowledge rub off on me. 

4. Problem solving. Every day I am faced with problems to solve. I love brainstorming, particularly while mediating. Are the parties fighting over how to divide up the pie? Redefine the pie. Get another pie. Or a bowl of fruit. Is it even about the pie? Or something else?

5. Every day is different. And that's an understatement.