Bitcoin CLE- February 4, 2016

I'm helping to plan and execute an exciting CLE in February, which is the first of its kind for Montgomery County, Maryland.   The vast majority of my peers seem to still be in the dark about virtual currencies, if they have heard of them at all.  It is not to be missed by local attorneys.

Bitcoin for Lawyers: Bitcoin, Virtual Currencies, and the New Asset Transfer Paradigm

Speaker: Andrew M. Hinkes, Esq., Berger Singerman LLP.

In this seminar you will understand bitcoin and other virtual currencies, how they function and operate, how they are regulated, how they are taxed, how they compare to other forms of value transfer, and how they do, and will impact multiple existing areas of law.  

Topics include:

-              How distributed virtual currencies actually work

-              How distributed virtual currencies are (currently) regulated

-              Virtual Currencies and Tax

-              Virtual Currencies and Real Estate Transactions

-              Virtual Currencies and Litigation

-              Impact of bitcoin on clawback/fraudulent transfer actions/insolvency proceedings

-              Future applications of bitcoin and blockchain technology

-              Digital currencies and regulatory arbitrage

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